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The Brush & Glow Body Brush by Aime is meant for dry brushing, which stimulates blood circulation, boosts the immune system and especially the lymphatic system. By doing so, it allows to drain and evacuate toxins from the body. The Brush & Glow Body Brush exfoliates the skin and breaks down lipid accumulation, therefore reducing the appearance of cellulite and dimples for softer and smoother skin. Provides an overall feeling of lightness, unclogs pores and eliminates dead skin cells. Skin tissue is more firm, with less cellulite and dimples thanks to the exfoliation process.


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Wood 50% natural boar hair and 50% nylon

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How to

The best time to drybrush is before taking a shower. Start with the surface of your feet, then work your way up to your calves. Always brush in the direction of your heart with upward motions. Make sure to attentively brush any areas where you have cellulite, your thighs for example, make circular motions, followed by straight motions going upward. Before brushing your upper body, do not forget your arms and hands, still doing upward motions moving towards the heart. To finish, brush your abdomen and chest - use a clockwise sweeping motion. Be careful: do not put too much pressure on your brush, keep a light pressure using energetic movements.

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