About the Skins Archives

The Skins Cosmetics Archives is a garage sale that is open all year round, day and night. In the Archives you’ll find exclusive products for appealing prices. Here we sell products that are discontinued, that have a limited shelf life, are slightly damaged, or come without packaging. All products in Archives are here for the last time, when they disappear from the Archives they will no longer be available.

The Skins Archives are only visible online via skins.nl/archives/ if you have logged in with your Skins Cosmetics account. The stock of the Archives range will be replenished regularly and contains a varying range of exclusive products that are for sale through Skins Cosmetics for the last time.

Because the Archives has a special product selection, we apply the following conditions:

  • The products from Archives are in good condition, but have a low price because they are slightly damaged or have a limited shelf life. So keep in mind that you cannot return a product for these reasons.
  • It is not possible to have products delivered abroad or to collect them in the Skins Cosmetics stores.
  • You can’t make samples from the products in the Archives.
  • The Sample Service voucher cannot be used in the Skins Archives, but you can use the Skins Giftcard.
  • It is not possible to have Archives products wrapped as a gift, nor can a gift message be attached.
  • No samples are included in with orders with only Archives products. For more information or questions, please contact our customer service.