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Aventus Cologne

Aventus Cologne

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Aventus Cologne by Creed is a fresh and woody perfume that combines charisma, poise and magnetism. Aventus was launched in 2010 and immediately became the biggest success of the brand. Almost ten years later, Oliver Creed wanted to give this exquisite fragrance a distinguished outcome and created this blooming warm scent. Aventus Cologne is a bold fragrance with sparkling tangerine, ginger and red pepper, retro patchouli and a woody wake from sandalwood and vetiver. The sweet scents of musk and tonka beans in combination with slightly smoked and leathery notes from styrax and birch bring about an addiction. The bottle represents the emblem of Aventus: a Roman emperor, bold rider and his horse. The Aventus Cologne man is passionate, adventurous or a dandy, who is way ahead of his time and the current trends. He does not follow them, he creates them.

For the ultimate perfume experience, apply the perfume to warm skin, i.e. pulse points such as your neck, wrist, inner part of your elbows and the back of your knees. For perfume spray: Diffuse a 'cloud' of perfume in the air and walk through, your hair is an excellent perfume carrier (however, never spray directly onto the hair).Top: ginger, tangerine, pink pepper.
Heart: patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver.
Base: styrax, birch, musk, tonka bean.