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Basilico & Fellini Eau de Parfum Travelspray

Basilico & Fellini EDP Travel Spray 20ml


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Artikel Nr. 113173

Product features

    Fragrance notes:
    Top: dragon fruit, basil
    Heart: violet, wild fig
    Base: vetiver, green hay

A bon vivant, Fellini is rumored to have requested extra fresh basil with many meals for its aphrodisiac effect. A fusion of art and sensuality, Basilico & Fellini brings this partnership to life. Basilico & Fellini is bright and fresh with a bit of spice in its first impression through notes of Drago Fruit and Basil. The heart and base are a mixture of Violet, Wild Fig, Vetiver and Green Hay. Life inspired Fellini. Fellini- and fresh basil - inspired this cool seductive fragrance.

Apply perfume to places where you feel well. For example, the inside of the elbow and in the knee cavity, on your wrist and in your neck. With a spray bottle spray 1 of 2 times in the air and walk through the 'perfume cloud' that arises to perfume your hair. Hair is a very good carrier of perfume, it keeps the smell well.