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Black Tea Vitalising Conditioner

Black Tea Vitalising Conditioner 500ml


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Artikel Nr. 111933
Our conditioner for all hair types leaves hair shiny and manageable while imparting moisture and nourishment. Formulated with vitalising jojoba seed oil and sparkling peppermint, this replenishing conditioner energizes hair while leaving it feeling refreshed and healthy. Peppermint leaf extract, Menthol, Jojoba seed oil, Vitamin B5.
Apply an amount of this creamy, conditioner, work through the mid-lengths and ends after shampooing. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water so hair will instantly be disentangled, smooth and vitalised. Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) the Moisturizer: the water-soluble salt of Pantothenic acid is converted into free vitamin B5. It maintains the moisture level of the hair, stimulates cell growth and tissue regeneration. Calcium Pantothenate has been shown to stimulate hair growth.