Chris Collins

The brand World of Chris Collins is a fragrance brand founded by Chris Collins. In his past as a brand ambassador, Chris Collins travelled the world. That is where he developed a love for luxury and started appreciating fine fragrance even more. He decided to go to Paris to study perfumery, so he could tell his stories through perfume. The fragrances are created in the same way a composer writes music. The name of the fragrance is like the title of a song. The notes are the lyrics. The way they mix together is the music and melody. The fragrances of Chris Collins are designed to capture feelings of attraction, daring, and freedom, whether that means a sweet gourmand or a hypnotic wood. Besides creating a sensual mood, the scents also tell the stories of New York and Paris and their cultural exchange, from the Harlem Renaissance through today. Although some fragrances are inspired by men’s colognes, all of the fragrances are to share.They complement a confident and alluring state of mind that anyone can channel.