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Cleaning Cannister

Cleaning Cannister


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Artikel Nr. 116691

Cleaning Cannister by Parian Spirit is a handy glass cleaning jar designed to keep your brush cleaner. You fill the Cleaning Cannister with Parian Brush Cleaner and place a plastic sieve on the bottom. Wipe your brushes over the plastic strainer to aid in cleaning. This way the make-up residues sink through the sieve and you can reuse the Parian Brush Cleaner again. Its small compact size fits neatly into makeup bags and suitcases of all sizes. Get the most out of your Parian Brush Cleaner with the Cleaning Cannister.

Fill the Cleaning Cannister just enough with Parian Brush Cleaner to cover a quarter of the bristles. This will prevent too much saturation or the glue and ferrule from being affected. Place the sieve on the bottom and run the brush through the cleaner and over the sieve to thoroughly clean the brush. Then dry the brush on a clean towel.