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Apple Blossom Soft Care Hairbrush

The Apple Blossom Soft Care Brush by Delphin & Emerence is a nourishing and caring hairbrush designed to nourish your hair and make it soft and smooth. Suitable for normal hair types, slightly wavy hair and fine hair. This brush is made of only natural bristles and is designed to give your scalp a blissful massage and thus stimulate the circulation of your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. The natural bristles spread sebum over the lengths of your hair, resulting in naturally nourished and shiny hair. Very gentle for the most sensitive scalp and a perfect brush for the famous 100 brush strokes per day as an evening ritual. The brush is also safe for extensions.


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  • Strong and durable walnut wood
  • Artisanal natural rubber
  • For normal hair, slightly wavy hair and fine hair
  • Delivered with cleaning brush


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walnut wood, natural rubber, GinaFibra and boar bristles

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