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Glazed Lips

Glazed Lips L308 Sheer Soft Pink


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L308 Sheer Soft Pink
Artikel Nr. 106499

Glazed Lips by Ellis Faas is a highly pigmented lip gloss for an ultra-glossy, yet long-lasting color explosion that provides transparency with intensity. Not sticky, so superior comfort on application and on the lips. Vegetable oils improve hydration and protect lips. The mega shine makes your lips stand out optimally, both as a completely filled in lipstick and as a lip stain. Contains in addition to the vegetable oils vitamin C, tocotrienol (part of vitamin E) and omega 3 and 6. No smell, no taste, no parabens. Not tested on animals.

Apply Glazed Lips with the brush applicator first by painting the lips with just a small amount of gloss, then fully load the applicator to fill inside of the lips. Glazed Lips is also great for a more stained effect: just load a tiny bit of the gloss onto the applicator, apply and blot for a stain. A "Human Colour” and therefore suitable for each skin tone, age or style.