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Sketch & Intensify Brow Duo


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Artikel Nr. 108839

Coloured pomade and powder in a box to create eyebrows that are naturally supplied with volume. This eyebrow duo enhances the natural texture and colour of eyebrows without adding weight. It includes a pomade and powder to draw eyebrows that are naturally supplied with volume. Both formulas allow you to customize the precise shade and intensity to create naturally beautiful brows. The pomade is an innovative wax/gel formula that coats each hair as it's swept through the brows, renewing colour and eliminating dullness. Apply powder over the pomade for added colour depth and dimension. 

Sketch with the pomade to fill in the brow, apply the powder for added colour intensity and dimension to create natural looking, full brows. Sketch & Intensify Brow Brush was designed specifically for this duo.