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Professional Make-up Brush Cleaner

Professional Make-up Brush Cleaner

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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is a revolutionary, environmentally friendly, professional cleaner that cleans and disinfects your brushes. The cleaner comes in a handy spray and removes even the most stubborn latex and glues from red lipsticks and leaves a wonderful fresh citrus scent. The formula contains ethyl alcohol - the same active ingredient used in hand sanitizer to fight bacteria and viruses, so it really disinfects your makeup brushes. This versatile brush cleaner can also be used to remove glue and clean false lashes, as well as to clean makeup and glue from wigs and facial hair. The luxurious formula keeps your brushes in good condition and when all residue is removed after cleaning, it helps to restore the bristles, giving them a natural shine and a beautiful subtle orange citrus aroma.

The handy spray bottle is perfect for cleaning larger powder brushes when drying time is limited, simply spritz a fine mist of Parian onto the brush head without soaking it and use a tissue or kitchen towel to gently blot and dry it. This spray bottle can also be used to clean down counter/work tops.