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Detoxifying Night Concentrate

Detoxifying Night Concentrate 30ml


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Detoxifying Night Concentrate by Patyka helps your skin regenerate overnight. The skin is exposed everyday to environmental and behavioural factors which impair cell functioning. UV, pollution, stress, tiredness, tobacco slow down cell renewal, cause toxin accumulation and skin dehydration. Free radicals formation and oxidative stress in cells intensify. This phenomenon exhausts the self defense skin system. The skin is poor for protecting itself from daily attacks. It misses suppleness, dull complexion and fine wrinkles appear. Night is the most suitable moment for skin detoxification because the cells regenerate 8 times faster. Microcirculation is the most important, favoring active diffusion within the skin. Detoxifying Night Concentrate was specially formulated to detoxify, stimulate the cells renewal and blur tiredness signs. Skin quality is visibly improved.