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Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum

Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum 40ml


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Artikel Nr. 105974
Formulated to jump-start skin's metabolism and restore strength and vitality, while promoting and maintaining younger-looking skin, longer. The serum features Dr. Brandt's exclusive Juvenessence+ Complex encapsulated in state of the art DuoPearl technology, the result of five years of research and six patents. Produced one by one, the pearls are like mini laboratories: combining lipo + hydrophases for maximum ingredient efficacy and preservation, they unlock the ultimate anti-aging power of Juvenessence+ Complex to reverse the domino effect of cellular aging. The pearls burst with each application, delivering the right dose of ingredients. Optimizes cell respiration; jump starts skin's metabolism; erases the signs of aging (loss of firmness/radiance/vitality); minimizes roughness and wrinkles.

On clean skin, apply on face AM and PM followed by D.N.A triple peptide eye cream and D.N.A time reversing cream.