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Candle Kit: Snuffer + Wick Trimmer

Dr Vranjes' Candle Kit is a must-have gift for those who love sophisticated, decorative accessories that allow you to create a magical, festive atmosphere at home. The Snuffer and Wick Trimmer are accessories that are indispensable when enjoying your Dr. Vranjes scented candle to the fullest. With the Snuffer you extinguish a candle cleanly, in style and safely, and thanks to the Wick Trimmer you keep the candle wick short, for a smoother and longer burn.


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  • Snuffer: Use this to safely and cleanly extinguish your candle to avoid dark stains on walls and furniture.   
  • Wick Trimmer: Before re-lighting a candle, cut a piece of the wick to prevent smouldering. This Wick Trimmer works perfectly even when your favourite candle is running low. 
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