Gift Box Rosa Tabacco

The Gift Box Rosa Tabacco by Dr. Vranjes Firenze is a stylish duo including a diffuser and a scented candle in the elegant Rosa Tabacco fragrance. Instantly give any room a relaxing atmosphere with the rich and seductive sensation of Rosa Tabacco. With its ambery and floral character, rose forms a sensual fusion with musky notes of tobacco and sweet vanilla. Spread the magic of Dr. Vranjes Firenze fragrances in this limited-edition design as the ultimate gift to give.

This set contains the following products:

  • Rosa Tabacco Diffuser (250ml)
  • Rosa Tabacco Candle (80gr)


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Fragrance notes

Top: rose from Turkey
Heart: tobacco, amber
Base: musk, vanilla


article number

Alcohol Propylene Glycol Ethylene Brassylate Methyldihydrojasmonate Trimethyl-1-cyclohexenylbutan-2-one Trans-2,4-dimethyl-2-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-2-naphthalenyl)-1,3-dioxolane 4-tert-butylcyclohexyl Acetate Tetramethyl Acetyloctahydronaphthalenes Peony Acetonitrile Hexamethylindanopyran Oxacyclohexadecenone Dodecahydro-tetramethylnaphthofuran Trimethylcyclopentenyl Dimethylisopentenol Juniperus Virginiana Wood Extract Pentadecalactone Coumarin Phenethyl Alcohol Vanillin Linalool Cassis Oxime Citronellol Methylenedioxyphenyl Methylpropanal Eugenol

Skins Experts

How to

Place the bottle filled with the house perfume in a room and uncork it carefully. Place the bundle of wooden sticks in the vial and let the wood absorb the perfume. Wait 24 hours for the fragrance to spread optimally in the room. The fragrance will disperse into the air, giving a constant, beautiful scent effect. Turning the bundle regularly will give a more intense scent effect.

Skins Expert tip: Where you place the diffuser affects how quickly the perfume runs out. Room temperature is the ideal temperature. Too warm a place, such as in direct sunlight, will shorten the usage time.

Scented candle
Always let the scented candle burn until the entire surface is liquid. After blowing out the wick, center it. Before lighting the wick again, cut it with a wick trimmer. By consistently burning the scented candle in this way, the candle will burn slower. and it will burn out completely.

Note: Do not place the candle in a draft or directly on a glass or marble surface. Never leave the candle unattended, and do not move or tilt it. Keep out of the reach from children.

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