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Eau Capitale Eau de Parfum

Eau Capitale EDP 75ml


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Artikel Nr. 113267

Eau Capitale is a perfume by diptyque that gives a tribute to Paris: the birth place of the perfume house. The uniqueness of the city is captured within the fragrance of chypre. Chypre by itself unites the four main families of perfume: floral, wood, oriental and citrus. Some even speak of its divine proportion. Paris is a city with hundreds of facets which is why chypre is combined with many more fragrance notes such as rose, patchouli, oakmoss and bergamot. As to capture the essence of the city of love.

For the ultimate perfume experience, apply the perfume to warm skin, i.e. pulse points such as your neck, wrist, inner part of your elbows and the back of your knees. For perfume spray: Diffuse a 'cloud' of perfume in the air and walk through, your hair is an excellent perfume carrier (however, never spray directly onto the hair).

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