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Encens 9 Classic Candle

Encens 9 Classic Candle 245gr


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Artikel Nr. 119732

Encens 9 Classic Candle by Le Labo is a warm scented candle, with frankincense in its core. The scent of the candle is softened by warm and resinous amber notes and ignited with the rich spice of clove. Encens 9 offers serenity in your living space and inspires a calm state of mind.

Always let the scented candle burn until the entire surface is liquid. After blowing out the wick, center it. Before lighting the wick again, cut it with a wick trimmer. By consistently burning the scented candle in this way, the candle will burn slower and it will burn out completely. 

Note: Do not place the candle in a draft or directly on a glass or marble surface. Never leave the candle unattended, and do not move or tilt it. Keep out of the reach from children.