Candle Bois Des Anges 300gr

Bois des Anges, a warm and refined creation, reminiscent of the smell of a precious Cognac next to a fireplace. The mingled bouquet of a weathered oak flooring, old books, leather, the subdued atmosphere of a classic, professor study.



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Paraffin wax; micro cyrstaline wax; vaseline; parfum (fragrance)

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Your candle will burn clean and evenly down to the bottom of the glass if you burn it for at least two hours the first time - or until the whole top is liquid with wax. After blowing out your candle, center and straighten the wick. Trim the wick to about half a centimeter long before relighting the candle. By shortening the wick you allow it to burn more slowly and avoid unsightly black smoke marks around the edge of the glass. Top: Rhum, Woods; Heart: Cognac; Base: Smoky scents.
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