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Fiery Pink Pepper Hand Wash 300ml


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Artikel Nr. 110433
Enjoy a paradise with sweet, spicy aromas during a warm, sultry summer evening. Pink Pepperpod is a seductive scent with a fiery, spicy and sweet character. In the Middle Ages, the pink pepper was already a valuable product and was even used as a means of payment. Pink pepper is a dried berry of Peruvian pepper tree. The so-called 'paradise grains' are rich in antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals. 'Fiery Pink Pepper is fresh and full, emphasizing the spicy character of ginger and a floral heart.
pink pepper, tangerine, elemi oil, nutmeg, cedar oil, ginger, patchouli, eikenmos, aframomum melegueta extract (pepper)