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Gingembre Hourglass Diffuser Refill

Gingembre Hourglass Diffuser Refill

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Artikel Nr. 105737
Enjoy the refill of Hourglass Diffuser Gingembre: the original purity of freshly chopped ginger, spicy and intoxicating.
To refill the diffuser, simply remove the cap from the refill containing the original fragrance and screw it onto the part of the bottle with the diffusion system. Many more relaxing scented hours now await!

Important instructions:
- do not turn the hourglass over during a diffusion cycle
- once the diffusion cycle is finished, wait three minutes before turning the hourglass over
- do not unscrew the container before the end of a diffusion cycle
- make sure to properly tighten the two containers to the diffusing system
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