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La Lumiere Face Powder Refill


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La Lumiere
Artikel Nr. 120698

Product features

    • Free from plastic  
    • Free from silicones 
    • Cruelty free 
    • Moisturising formula  
    • 98% natural ingredients 

La Lumière Face Powder by La bouche rouge, Paris is the first natural highlighter enriched with hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin and sculpts the face for a healthy, luminous complexion. The formula contains mica that is sustainably produced in a way that respects people and the planet and is sourced from the Responsible Mica Initiative. The powder hydrates the skin while giving it a radiant, luminescent look.

If you already own a fine leather compact case, you can order the highlighter refill only. 

Use the La Lumière Face Powder with your fingertips or with a highlighter brush. Apply the product to all areas where the face catches light. For instance, the cheekbones, above the lips and the tip of the nose.