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Pure Canvas Primer - Illuminating

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115353 01-50ML
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    This brightening primer gives skin a healthy glow, creating an immaculate base for applying make-up and ensuring make-up looks beautiful for longer.
    The Illuminating Primer boosts skin's natural luminosity. Thanks to the porcelain flower extract combined with a complex of micronized spheres, the primer gives skin a beautiful, healthy glow. The spheres reflect light, giving tired skin or a dull complexion a visibly fresher look.

    Laura Mercier's products prepare skin for make-up application, just as a painter primes a canvas. The Pure Canvas Primers are an essential step in thoroughly preparing skin for make-up application. The breathable formulas are silicone-free, preserve the nourishing ingredients, and create a protective layer that helps your make-up look beautiful for longer. But the primers are also full of ingredients that nourish and protect skin.      

    Apply over your usual skin care regimen. Take a little primer and massage it into the skin with the fingertips. Then move on to the Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation.

    To use the pipette, first remove it from the bottle. Put the pipette back into the vial while squeezing the pipette bellow. Let go of the bellows and remove the pipette from the bottle. Now squeeze the bellows again to let the formula fall on the desired zone.

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