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Palo Santo 14 Classic Candle

Palo Santo 14 Classic Candle

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    Le Labo's Palo Santo 14 candle is crafted of perfumed vegan soy wax hand-poured into a thick glass vessel. The rich fragrance will give your home a delicious and unforgettable ambiance. Used for generations by Amazonian shamans, the burning of Palo Santo wood is considered sacred due to its ability to clear negativity and misfortune. "Holy wood", Palo Santo carries with it an energizing freshness yet can be sometimes overwhelming when used raw. We tamed the beast and, while keeping the soul of the original ingredient, we built a warm and comfortable accord through the addition of Cedarwood and the dark resinous nature of Labdanum, Incense and Patchouli. Burning time: approximately 60 hours.

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    Your candle will burn clean and evenly down to the bottom of the glass if you burn it for at least two hours the first time - or until the whole top is liquid with wax. After blowing out your candle, center and straighten the wick. Trim the wick to about half a centimeter long before relighting the candle. By shortening the wick you allow it to burn more slowly and avoid unsightly black smoke marks around the edge of the glass. TIP: Create your own scent by burning two candles together. Do not place the candle in a wind draught or directly on a glass or marble surface. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Never move or tip a lit candle. Keep out of reach of children. Palo Santo, Virginia Cedarwood, Atlas Cedarwood, Cistus Labdanum Absolute, Frankincense, Patchouli, Styrax Essence.