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Magnolia Blossom Strong Care

Artikel Nr. 118242

Product features

    • Strong and durable walnut wood
    • Artisanal natural rubber
    • For thick hair and thick curls
    • Delivered with cleaning brush

The Magnolia Blossom Strong Care Brush by Delphin & Emerence is a nourishing hairbrush specially designed to brush thick curls and thick hair without damage to the hair, and is gentle on the scalp as well. This hairbrush is made from a blend of natural bristles mixed with specially designed GinaFibra bristles that give the brush just enough power to detangle even thick hair. The bristles provide a stimulating scalp massage that contributes to healthy hair growth and spreads natural sebum over the hair lengths for nourishment and shine. A perfect brush for the famous 100 brush strokes per day. Safe for extensions.

Walnut Wood, Natural Rubber, Ginafibra And Boar Bristles