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Magnolia Orchidea Refill

Magnolia Orchidea Refill

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Product features

    Fragrance notes:

    Top: mimosa blossom
    ​Heart: magnolia
    Base: orchid

    Main fragrance: floral

Like two beautiful, young ladies whose aloof charm startles the senses. Suggested for: Classic living room, Children's room, Family room. Properties: Relaxes and balances the mood while enriching the air with purifying components.

Carefully open the bottle with the scented oil and place the fragrance sticks inside. Wait 24 hours so that the scent can spread optimally in the room. 

Note: the place where you place the scent diffuser affects the speed at which the perfume goes on. Place it in a place at room temperature for optimal use; too warm a place above the stove or in continuous direct sunlight will shorten the time you can enjoy it.