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Hand & Body Wash Rock Roses Refill 600ml


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Artikel Nr. 119747
119747 01-600ML
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    Marie-Stella-Maris’ Hand & Body Wash Rock Roses Refill offers a pouch to easily refill your No.10 Rock Roses empty soap bottle. The Hand & Body Wash Rock Roses is a natural liquid soap with aloe vera. Gently cleanses while keeping the skin hydrated. No.10 Rock Roses has a floral, inviting, alluring and hypnotic character with fragrance notes of rose, cashmere and leather.

    Refill your bottle on a clean surface. This pouch is 100% recyclable so when the refill pouch is empty, please dispose in plastic recycling bin.

    1. Remove the pump from your soap bottle and place it on a clean surface.
    2. Unscrew the cap from the refill pouch.
    3. Hold the pouch directly above the soap bottle and squeeze. Do not fill it up completely; leave about 3 cm empty, so the pump still fits in.
    4. Screw the pump back on the bottle and enjoy your refill!