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Milies Scented Oval Limited Edition


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Artikel Nr. 121356

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    Fragrance notes:
    Imortelle absolute, ambroxan, fig wood accord

Let yourself be taken to Greece with Milies from diptyque. This limited-edition scented oval is the third stopover in the collection as the brand celebrates its 60th anniversary. This porcelain locket with a heart of perfumed wax releases fragrance slowly and is perfect for small spaces, such as the toilet or linen closet. 
This scent by diptyque pays tribute to Milies, in Greece, where the founders of diptyque often spent their summers. The village could only be reached by following the mountain paths and this perfume embodies the scents you experience during a trip to Milies. The spicy scent of immortelle mingles with the cool Mediterranean breeze before warming next to sun-drenched fig trees. Feel free for a moment and let yourself be carried away by this intoxicating scent.

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