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Morning Chess Eau de Parfum Travelspray

Morning Chess EDP Travel Spray 20ml


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Artikel Nr. 113175

Product features

    Fragrance notes:
    Top: Bergamot
    Heart: Tuscan Leather, Galbanum
    Base: Patchouli, Black Amber

"Inspired by the memory of the summer holidays we shared with my grandfather, Morning Chess mimics the ripe, green lushness of summer on coastal Falkenberg. There, in a summer cottage, my grandfather, with his two sons, would pass hours battling wits over a chessboard. Sweden would save all its light for those summer moments, endless, bright mornings. The grassy greenness is light enough to hint at the evergreen sharpness of the distant winter air."- Jan Ahlgren.

For the ultimate perfume experience, apply the perfume to warm skin, i.e. pulse points such as your neck, wrist, inner part of your elbows and the back of your knees. For  perfume spray: diffuse a cloud of perfume in the air to walk through. Your hair is an excellent perfume carrier (however, never spray directly onto the hair).