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Chronobiology Sleep Mask 8x0,8ml


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123213 01-8X0,8ML
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    Product features

      • Dermatologist-approved 
      • Suitable for all skin types 
      • Silicone-free 
      • Cruelty-free 
      • Vegan

    The Chronobiology Sleep Mask by Noble Panacea is a sleep mask that uses patented OSMV technology to strengthen the skin. First, the mask delivers pre, pro, and post biotics, in addition to PHAs to purify, exfoliate and rebalance the skin. The skin is soothed and softened as a result. Next, the mask delivers a retinol and peptide pairing to support natural repair processes. This results in more vital skin, less deep lines and pigmentation, and lifted skin. To finish, enriching ceramide NP is administered to restore the skin barrier and 2D hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration. The revolutionary sleep mask provides unparalleled skin results.

    Some of Chronobiology Sleep Mask's active ingredients:

    • Pre, pro, and post biotics re-balance and supports the skin’s natural microbiome.
    • PHA is a gentle exfoliator that evens out skin tone and detoxifies.
    • Retinol increases the cell renewal process.
    • Peptides stimulates regeneration and optimises the architecture of the skin.
    • Ceramide NP improves skin barrier function.
    • 2D Hyaluronic Acid is for deep penetration and reduced TEWL.

    Open the Active Dose with The Dose Opener or with small scissors. Apply the mask to the Gua Sha tool like an artist draws up his palette. Use the silicone brush to apply the mask directly to the face and neck, including the eye area. Finally, use the Gua Sha tool to sculpt your facial contours.