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Nourishing Protein Vanilla Refill

Nourishing Protein Vanilla Refill 300gr


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Artikel Nr. 118233

Product features

    • Vegan
    • Gluten-free
    • Cruelty-free

Nourishing Protein Vanilla promotes muscle recovery, provides energy, improves digestion and stabilizes the sugar level.

WelleCo’s Nourishing Protein is a plant-based supplement infused with pre and probiotics, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals for a truly comprehensive solution. Enjoy a distinct complexity from sources of plant extracts, natural flavours and fruit powders. With a delicious, decadent vanilla taste.

The four blends that boost your overall health:

  • Organic Plant-Protein Blend: Building blocks to support a lean and healthy body. Includes organic sprouted brown rice protein and organic pea protein.
  • Antioxidant Blend: Nourishing ingredients to help protect against free radical damage. Includes pomegranate, grape seed, rosehip, acai and turmeric.
  • Digestion Blend: Full of good bacteria to nourish our microbiome and reduce bloating.
  • Vitamin & Mineral Blend: Supports energy levels and overall wellbeing. Includes vitamin B-complex, magnesium, L-glutamine and choline bitartrate.

Suggested usage: the Nourishing Protein is a great supplement to take alongside The Super Elixir Greens. Blend into smoothies or simply add a heaped scoop or two tablespoons daily to plant-based milk or filtered water and shake for a satisfying snack. Recommended daily consumption: 1 serving.

Organic Plant-protein Blend: Building Blocks To Support A Lean And Healthy Body. Includes Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein And Organic Pea Protein. Antioxidant Blend: Nourishing Ingredients To Help Protect Against Free Radical Damage. Includes Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Rosehip, Acai And Turmeric. Digestion Blend: Full Of Good Bacteria To Nourish Our Microbiome And Reduce Bloating. Includes Pro + Prebiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Psyllium Husk And Fos. Vitamin & Mineral Blend: Supports Energy Levels And Overall Wellbeing To Keep You Thriving With Vitality. Includes Vitamin B-complex, Magnesium, L-glutamine And Choline Bitartrate.