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Opopanax Room Spray

Room Spray Opopanax 150ml


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Room Spray Opoponax by diptyque is a decadent home fragrance that fills the house with a woody scent. From a Persian tree, diptyque extracts this resin with captivating, enigmatic, balsamic accents. One of the world’s most extraordinary resins, opopanax is the cousin of myrrhe and benzoin. Hailing from the Orient, it was once used as a remedy and a perfume. Opopanax has an instantly soothing quality with its enveloping, balmy, delicately vanilla scent.

A few spritzes in the air will immediately enhance the ambiance of a room, adding a sophisticated touch to any and every occasion. Other diffusion methods: Spray a cold light bulb or non-electric radiator with the spray so when you switch it on, the heat warms up the scent and diffuses it gently.