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Patiala Extrait de Parfum

Patiala Extrait de Parfum 50ml


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Product features

    Fragrance notes:
    Top: citrus, aldehyde
    Heart: orange flower, rose
    ​Base: moss, amber, musk

Patiala Extrait de Parfum by Thameen is an enchanting perfume that combines geranium with orange blossom and Indonesian patchouli. Like its namesake, Patiala is a manifestation of true craftsmanship. Containing 2,930 diamonds set in platinum, the Patiala necklace is one of the most extravagant pieces of jewellery ever made and an outstanding example of Art Deco jewellery. Only parts of this legendary necklace have resurfaced, but its impression is everlasting and a mark of true sophistication.

This divine fragrance opens bright and strong with a juxtaposition of invigorating citrus and the sweet glow of aldehyde. Warmth and elegance lie at the heart of this scent with orange flower, effortlessly complimenting a rich and velvety rose sinking into a hypnotic harmony of earthy moss, resinous amber and a powdery musk.

Apply perfume to areas where you feel your heartbeat, such as your wrist and neck. You can mist the perfume on the clothing, to let the scent remain longer. With eau de parfum, extrait de parfum and perfume, perfume is only worn on the skin, because oils need skin to retain fragrance. Cologne and Eau de toilette can be sprayed on clothing. Note: If the perfume has a strong color concentration, do not mist on light clothing.