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Pro-Collagen Lift Mask 50ml


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114982 01-50ML
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    Pro-Collagen Lift Mask by Patyka is a carenight cream with a highly concentrated formula of plant retinol-like and plant amino acids, which boosts the natural production of collagen for firmed and lifted skin. From the age of 40 onwards, your skin loses 1% collagen, the protein that maintains the skin's firmness and elasticity, every year. To act effectively, Patyka has developed the Pro-Collagen Lift Mask - Night, whose formula is highly concentrated in vegetable retinol-like, as effective as conventional retinol, which blocks the degradation of collagen fibres and restarts their natural production. Enriched with Vitamin C, with powerful antioxidant properties, this mask protects collagen fibers and blocks their degradation while illuminating the skin. Suitable for any skin type.