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Peach Blossom Delicately Soft

Artikel Nr. 118240

Product features

    • Strong and durable walnut wood
    • Artisanal natural rubber
    • For thin hair and a sensitive scalp
    • Can also be used as a dry brush
    • Delivered with cleaning brush

Delphin & Emerence’s Peach Blossom Delicately Soft brush is a soft and delicate hairbrush made of the softest kind of natural bristles. Suited for people with thinning and ageing hair and a sensitive scalp, babies and toddlers, people recovering from cancer treatment, chronic pain patients, etc. Created due to popular demand and to address the most delicate clients. It can also be used as a dry brush, gently exfoliating the body’s skin to get rid of dead skin cells and ingrown hairs. It is much more gentle than any other dry brush on the market.

Please note: this brush does not detangle. If you’re looking for a more detangling brush we advise the Apple Blossom Soft Care Brush.

Walnut Wood, Natural Rubber, Ginafibra And Boar Bristles