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Phytoactive Eye Cream

Phytoactive Eye Cream 15ml


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The Phytoactive Anti-aging Eye Cream is suitable for all skin types and can be used for signs of aging, dark spots or dry skin.

Royal Fern's light eye cream moisturizes and minimizes fine lines, puffiness and dark shadows. The Cream Provides fresh eye contours that makes your eye look brighter. Royal Fern's formula protects delicate skin from everyday stressors and their harmful effects.

  • Fern extract is antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, regenerates the skin, inhibits the breakdown of collagen and elastin due to matrix metalloproteinases and stimulates the formation of new collagen in the fibroblasts.
  • Vitamin C stimulates metabolism and collagen production.
  • Chamomile extract reduces puffiness and calms the skin, is antioxidant and prevents extrinsic skin aging.
  • Jojoba oil is nourishing and calming, anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from drying out.

Because of the innovative liposome technology, the Royal Fern's highly effective plant extracts and antioxidants are able to protect your skin against damaging factors that cause aging for over 12 hours.

Apply a pea-sized amount to the eye area once or twice daily and gently pat with your fingers until absorbed.