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Phytoactive Skin-Perfecting Essence

Phytoactive Skin-Perfecting Essence 200ml


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Artikel Nr. 117780

The Phytoactive Skin Perfecting Essence of Royal Fern is used after cleansing as a toner. It contains nourishing ingredients and exfoliates the skin gently but thoroughly. The fruit acid and gluconolactone work to gently exfoliate pores, normalize sebum production and fade hyperpigmentation. The result is a soft, balanced complexion.

  • Fern extract is antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, regenerates the skin, inhibits the breakdown of collagen and elastin due to matrix metalloproteinases and stimulates the formation of new collagen in the fibroblasts.
  • Fruit acid gently exfoliates, reduces hyperpigmentation, has moisture-regulating effects and stimulates cellular metabolism.
  • Gluconolactone helps against impurities, reduces hyperpigmentation, has antioxidant properties and fights the diminishing elasticity of the skin.

Apply to the face and neck with a cotton pad every morning and evening. Those with sensitive skin may initially prefer to apply Phytoactive Perfecting Essence to a cotton pad soaked in water before applying to the skin. Alternatively, you can splash it on your face after cleansing and let it soak in before continuing with the next skincare step.