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Pluie Sur Halong Eau de Parfum

Pluie Sur Halong EDP 70ml


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Artikel Nr. 112489

In Pluie Sur Halong by Ella K perfume, the fragrance of lotus disperses with the rocking of a junk, as it glides on a breath of moist monsoon air. Pluie Sur Halong reflects the sensuality of tropical rain. In the luxuriant moistness of the Bay of Ha Long, the fragrance notes of water flowers, lotus and cyclamen are in the air. A hand moves through the crystal clear water, with its vivid accents of red berries and rhubarb. In the distance, near the shore, the monsoon looms on the horizon, embodied by the green fragrance of neroli, while the oral notes of magnolia rise from the heat.

For the ultimate perfume experience apply the perfume to warm skin, i.e. pulse points such as the neck, wrist and the inner parts the elbows and knees - or diffuse a 'cloud' of perfume in the air and walk through it. Hair is an excellent perfume carrier (however, never spray directly onto the hair). Central Ingredient: Lotus.