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Amouage for Her Sample Set

When you purchase the Sample Set, you will receive a voucher worth €10 by e-mail to shop for your full-size favourite at a discount within three months. This voucher is valid with a minimum spend of €30.

This sample set of Amouage For Her contains five distinctive feminine perfume samples to introduce you to the perfume house from Oman. Amouage creates breathtaking perfumes, with signature notes from the culture of Oman. Get inspired by the fragrances and who knows, you might just discover a new favourite.
The Sample Set contains the following scents in 1,5ml format: 

  • Guidance Woman Eau de Parfum - is an enchanting new interpretation of the trio of rose, frankincense and ambergris.  
  • Lineage Woman Eau de Parfum - mineral, salty fragrance notes meet spicy hints in this summery Eau de Parfum with sensual undertones.  
  • Dia Woman Eau de Parfum - is a rich Eau de Parfum that exudes sophistication and finesse. A fragrance that is both vibrant and sophisticated.  
  • Overture Woman Eau de Parfum - is a timeless, sophisticated fragrance as a tribute to the modern woman - bold, cultured and full of mysticism.  
  • Gold Woman Eau de Parfum - is a classic ambery fragrance, rich in splendour and sophistication.

We always do our best to provide up-to-date information on the availability of our Sample Sets. Nevertheless, it may happen unexpectedly that one of the samples from the set you bought is not available. In this case, we will send you one of the other samples twice, so you can try it out even longer. If possible, our Skins Experts will contact you to find an alternative together.

Our Sample Sets contain samples of 1.5ml. The second image shows the Sample Set as shipped.


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Fragrance notes

Guidance Woman Eau de Parfum:
Top: pear, frankincense, hazelnut 
Heart: saffron, rose, jasmine sambac, osmanthus 
Base: cistus, sandalwood, akigala wood, ambergris, vanilla

Lineage Woman Eau de Parfum:
Top: ginger, Sichuan pepper, Peruvian pepper tree, saffron 
Heart: frankincense essence, fenugreek, myrrh essence 
Base: frankincense essence, myrrh essence, vetiver, patchouli, benzoin, labdanum

Dia Woman Eau de Parfum:
Top: rose, lily of the valley, frankincense
Heart: myrrh, orris, jasmine
Base: ambergris, civet, musk, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss

Overture Woman Eau de Parfum:
Top: bergamot, saffron, apple (calvados accord)
Heart: benzoin, myrrh, rose centifolia, geranium, cinnamon
Base: pyrogen incense, ciste labdanum, leather vitessence

Gold Woman Eau de Parfum:
Top: rose, lily of the valley, frankincense
Heart: myrrh, orris, jasmine
Base: ambergris, civet, musk, cedar, sandalwood


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How to

Apply perfume to areas where you feel your heartbeat, such as your wrist and neck. You can mist the perfume on the clothing to let the scent remain longer. With eau de parfum, extrait de parfum and perfume, perfume is only worn on the skin, because oils need skin to retain fragrance. Cologne and Eau de toilette can be sprayed on clothing. Note: If the perfume has a strong colour concentration, do not mist on light clothing. 

Prachtige manier om kennis te maken

06-06-2023 door Tineke

Ook van de duurdere parfums moet je maar afwachten of die op jouw huid ook goed tot zijn recht komen. Om ze dan maar aan te schaffen en de gok te wagen, is een kostbare zaak. Met zo'n box waarin je ofwel een paar parfums zelf kiest, of (zoals de Amouage box) kun je van een merk meerdere geuren rustig beoordelen. Inderdaad, prachtige manier om kennis te maken.

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