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Santal 33 Liquid Balm

Santal 33 Liquid Balm 9ml


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Le Labo is proud to introduce its much adored perfumed Balm's replacement - the "Liquid Balm". This new travel-friendly, alcohol-free perfume rollerball glass vial can be used as an olfactive marker, to roll on your skin or someone else's your favorite Le Labo perfume. Its formula is obviously vegan (based on botanical safflower oil) but its effects are not...

Apply the perfume to places where you can feel good your heartbeat. For example, the inside of the elbow and the knee, on your wrist or in your neck. In a spray bottle, spray 1 or 2 times in the air and walk through the 'perfume cloud' that occurs to perfume your hair. Hair is a very good carrier of perfumes, it keeps the odor securely. This perfume introduces our use of cardamom, iris, violet, ambrox which crackle in the formula and bring to this smoking wood alloy (Australian sandalwood, cedarwood) some spicy, leathery, musky notes, and gives this perfume its unisex signature and addictive comfort.

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