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Sculpt Hair Polish

Sculpt Hair Polish 100ml


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Artikel Nr. 118752

Aesop’s Sculpt Hair Polish is a non-sticky grooming gel ideal for wet-look and high-hold styling— particularly for short to medium-length cuts. As well as helping to shape and structure the hair’s strands, it adds volume and gloss, conditions lightly, and imparts a refreshing citrus fragrance. An appealing alternative to conventional styling gels, Sculpt Hair Polish contains an uplifting blend of essential oils—including lime, bergamot rind and clove bud—along with hydrolyzed oats and panthenol to help hydrate and nurture the hair. It shampoos out readily, without long-term build-up.

To use, apply to damp or dry hair, then comb through the requisite amount for the desired style. The amount of product dispensed can be adjusted according to the hair’s density and length.