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Solid Perfume Eau Rose

Solid Perfume Eau Rose

Artikel Nr. 105545
Ever wondered what’s inside a lady’s bag? It just might be the key to her heart! diptyque and French fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan, known for her mischievous sense of humor and her passion for the color pink, bring you a scent celebrating the mystery and allure of the lady’s bag. A predominance of rose, traces of lipstick, and the subtle warmth of leather capture the chic and quirky humor of the Rosaviola collection. This solid perfume may be delicately applied to the neck, décolleté, and inside the wrists. The playful print on the case and carrying pouch designed by Olympia Le-Tan recall the notes of the Rosaviola scent as well as to illustrate its inspiration.
This solid perfume can be applied to the neck, décolleté and wrists.
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