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Starter Kit Glass & Mirror Cucumis 500ml+10ml


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Kinfill Glass & Mirror Spray is a biodegradable cleaning agent specially developed for cleaning glass and mirrors. Created in response to the alarming problem with single-use plastic. The cleaning concentrate is made to be diluted with water at home in the specially designed glass reusable bottles. The cleaning concentrates have a proven powerful formula, without the use of aggressive chemicals. A glass cleaner that ensures a crystal clear result: clean windows and mirrors. With the cucumis aroma you are guaranteed to bring in a natural, fresh scent. The spray can be used on any glass surface. The Kinfill Starter Kit comes with a glass Forever Bottle, a trigger sprayer, a cleaning concentrate and a rubber bottle protector.

Before you start cleaning, complete the following steps:
1. Pour the cleaning concentrate into the Forever Bottle.
2. Fill the bottle to the neck with cold water.
3. Mix by shaking the bottle gently.

The Glass & Mirror Spray is now ready for use. It can be used on any glass surface. Spray directly onto glass or mirror and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Have you used up Kinfill? Then you can easily order new cleaning concentrates for refilling your bottle.