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Thank You Box 6

Artikel Nr. 116806

The Thank You Box by Skins Cosmetics is the best way to thank someone else or yourself and pamper yourself completely. The sophisticated box contains 5 carefully selected minis of the most loved products from our range. From skincare to make-up. From an established fragranced body lotion such as Blanche (BYREDO) to a luxurious way to fragrance every room (Triggerspray by Zenology). Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of Skins.

The Thank You Box contains the following products:

  • Algenist – Genius Anti-Aging Cream (7 ml)
  • Zenology – Travel Triggerspray (Sycamore Fig of Ebony of Liquid Bakhoor) (50 ml)
  • BYREDO – Blanche bodylotion (10 ml, sachet)
  • diptyque – exfoliating hand wash (10 ml)
  • Salle Privee – Le Temps Perdu, Super 8 of Celluloid Heroes (2 ml)