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The Hope Extrait de Parfum

The Hope Extrait de Parfum 50ml


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Artikel Nr. 113316

The Hope Extrait de Parfum by Thameen is a perfume with notes of cardamom, cinnamon, patchouli, white cedar wood and vetiver. Considered by many to be the most famous diamond in the world, The Hope is also one of the world’s largest diamonds. Described as the size of a pigeon’s egg, it is a distinctive grey blue in hue, and also emanates a rare red phosphorescent glow. The gem has been worn by sultans, queens, aristocracy and socialites; most notably Queen Marie Antoinette who wore it as a hairpin, and its last private owner, the flamboyant heiress Evalyn Walsh Maclean. It was the inspiration for the ‘Heart of The Ocean’ in the film Titanic and provides the inspiration for the iridescent fragrance.