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The Mountain Standing Still Eau de Parfum

The Mountain Standing Still EDP 50ml + 10ml


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Artikel Nr. 106938
The mountain Standing Still is part of the Secret Teas and Spices collection inspired by the Ô Cha ceremony, the Japanese ceremonial preparation of their beloved matcha tea and learn about their customs and traditions. This collection comes in a white bottle to represent the sacred gesture of the tea preparation and each of the 3 scents have different teas interpreted with a unique spice blend. This Woody Aromatic scent has notes of Safran, Black tea and Oud.
Slowly I wake up Your arms around me The mountain standing still The Mountain Standing Still is part of the Secret Teas and Spices collective by Floraiku, inspired by the Ô cha ceremony - a Japanese preparation of matcha tea. Just like the haiku that inspired it, the perfume has a first impression of a minty fresh awakening, followed by a rich embrace of black tea, saffron and elements of liquorish. When the scent settles, a woody drying down reveals itself, distinguished by a spicy and oriental oud accord that stands still in the passing of time. Key notes: safran, black tea and oud accord.