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Topical Scalp Supplement 60ml


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Artikel Nr. 120380

Product features

    • Sulfate free 
    • Parabens free 
    • Phtalates free 
    • Gluten free 
    • Cruelty free 
    • Vegan 

The Tropical Scalp Supplement by Virtue is a complex ecosystem for hair, skin, oil, and natural flora. The supplement is an infusion of nourishment and gives you a healthy scalp for strong, vibrant, and youthful-looking hair. 

Use nightly on dry hair. Apply 2–3 drops of serum directly to scalp in 3 different sections: down the center and along both sides of the center part. Massage throughout scalp and hair. Absorbs within 2 minutes. Will not stain pillows or sheets.

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