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Tree House Room Spray

Room Spray Tree House 250ml


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Inspired by the work and life story of the autodidactic carpenter and architect Takashi Kobayashi, his life devotes to the construction of tree houses in the Japanese forests. Buildings that rise in their natural, wooded environment, on their way to heaven. Room Spray Tree House is an olfactory translation of nature: cedar wood, bamboo, sandalwood, gaiac wood and hay.
A few spritzes in the air will immediately enhance the ambiance of a room, adding a sophisticated touch to any and every occasion. Other diffusion methods: Spray a cold light bulb or non-electric radiator with the spray so when you switch it on, the heat warms up the scent and diffuses it gently. Top: Bamboo, Pimento.Heart: Hay Labdanum, Myrrh.Base: Blond Cedarwood, Guaiac Wood, Leather, Sandalwood.