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Tulipmania Hand Lotion

Hand Lotion Tulipmania 450ml


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Artikel Nr. 113075

Tulipmania Hand Lotion that is part of the Tulipmania hand care line by Byredo. The lotion leaves the hands wonderfully soft and smooth, while leaving a subtle fragrance. The line is based on the term tulipmania: an interest so strong that it consumes someone's mind or time - I this case the silent fragrance of tulip. This fresh and sparkling scent is embodied by a radiant green colour: genderless, aromatic and floral. Present, but not overwhelming, Tulipmania perfumes the hands delicately. If you want to combine the hand lotion with an eau de parfum then La Tulipe is a very good match - Tulipmania adds a vibrant, zesty note to this floral classic. Other good combinations are Blanche, Super Cedar or Inflorescence.