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Velvet Haze Eau de Parfum

Velvet Haze Eau de Parfum

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Artikel Nr. 104709
A contemporary tribute to the seventies: hippies, freedom-happiness and the rise of patchoeli. In the top, ambrette and coconut feed the soft-fresh upper tone, followed by a super-sensory heart of patchoeli leaves. The basis of cocoa absolute and wild musk strengthens the sensual skin feel in a familiar way.
Apply perfume to places where you feel well. For example, the inside of the elbow and in the knee cavity, on your wrist and in your neck. With a spray bottle, spray 1 or 2 times in the air and walk through the 'perfume cloud' that is created to perfume your hair. Hair is a very good carrier of perfume, it keeps the smell well. Ambrette, Coconut water, Patchouli Leaves, Cacao absolu, Wild Musk.
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