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Woman in Gold 50ml + Coffret


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Artikel Nr. 104503

Woman in Gold is an enchanting perfume with notes of wood, flowers and vanilla. A perfume as complex and dazzling as the woman who wears it. Enchanting scent notes depict the delicate gold leaf and the interplay of light and shadow with which the painting is known. Perfumer Calice Becker was inspired by the fascinating contrast between the facets of the eponymous painting, which she describes as "textured and brilliant, rich and voluptuous." The spicy cheerful tone is the fragrant expression of the brightness of the painting. The rose petal heart represents all facets of the rose. Finally, the absolute beauty of dried vanilla surrounded by exclusive patchouli molecule in combination with akigala wood is present which makes for a beautiful, floral vanilla fragrance. True luxury lasts a lifetime, which is why all Kilian perfumes are easy to refill.

For the ultimate perfume experience, apply the perfume to warm skin, i.e. pulse points such as your neck, wrist, inner part of your elbows and the back of your knees. For perfume spray: Diffuse a 'cloud' of perfume in the air and walk through, your hair is an excellent perfume carrier (however, never spray directly onto the hair). Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, aldehyde. Heart notes: rose, vanilla, freesia, geranium. Base notes: patchouli, akigala wood, tonka bean, vanilla.